Andy Williams - Pottery Teacher

Objects are part of our existence. As a potter, I have come to care about how my forms communicate and become a part of the experience of everyday life. Besides adding value to our everyday visual environment, I hope my work helps people experience the delightful interplay between form and function.

I base much of my work on elements thrown on a potter’s wheel that I then alter and combine. While I tend to keep my glazes simple so the forms shine through. I also like to experiment with surface decorations and glazing techniques that make the form more interesting.

My ceramic influences come from a wide range of ceramic artists, as well as all manner of modern art and design works. One of my favorite past times is to look at the pots and imagine how they were made. If I could have three potters walk me through their clay techniques over dinner, I would pick Takeshi Yasuda, Walter Keeler, and Eva Zeisel.