Rahul Panchal- Pottery Teacher

Everything about ceramics blows my mind. Clay is so similar to our bodies; it's the same atoms as us, just less-organized, and less wet. On the wheel we spin it, like our galaxy spins us. When we touch the clay, it takes our intention with each spin becoming more and more what we are imagining it can be. 
Transforming a humble blob of mud into something beautiful, useful and valuable is so inspiring and remarkable to be a part of, but then the fun starts. 
The raw piece goes into the kiln and the furnace fires up. We raise the temperature to a geologic, cosmic level and transform the dry, delicate and brittle dust into rock-solid igneous stone. Yes. I said stone. 
Then it cools down, and you've got a snazzy, hand-made gift for grandma or whatever. It's great!