Patrick Johnston is the artist in residence at the Temple of Mediclaytion in Venice, CA. He makes beautiful ceramics and shares his technique with a growing following of students. He's not just teaching them how to center their clay on the wheel, he says, but "…really, what I'm doing is I'm helping get their lives together." — Produced by Eric Drachman.

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The Social Kat: Pot Head

March 24, 2016

The Temple of Mediclaytion's own Artist in Residence, Patrick Johnston, was recently featured and the amazing Canvas Malibu

This body of work was created with the Canvas space in mind.  Each of the pieces have been made with love, affection and a deep affinity for clay.  Patrick has literally hugged many of the pieces. The collection has been made with stoneware and fired to cone 11 reduction.  The color palette  was meant to flow with the energy of the space and glazes were formulated by Patrick for each piece so they may sit alone, as well as collectively.