Noelle Neufeld

I wandered into Temple of Mediclaytion two years ago with no background in ceramics and fell in love with the ceramics process and the studio community. This is by far my favorite place in LA. In a culture so focused on economic gain, career success, and instant gratification, the world of ceramics allows me to enjoy creating beautiful (and no so beautiful) things with no strings attached. Like yoga, ceramics offers a space of self-reflection, meditation (hence the name), and physical and mental coordination. I love it. 

Teaching: The ceramics process has few rules and many different methods. I'm equipped with tips and tricks to help you bring more awareness to your techniques, or to teach the basics. If you're already advanced, check out my mentor and inspiration: Patrick Johnston.

Goals: I'm obsessed with sharing food out of my own creations and am working on creating my own dish set.